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Authorized Lease Return Center

Walter's Automotive makes lease return easy because Walter's Automotive wants your car!

Regardless of where you purchased your Mercedes-Benz or how many payments you may have left, Walter's Automotive located in Riverside is available to assist you with your lease return vehicle. Our lease return specialists can offer you many different choices when turning in your vehicle and often have additional incentives to help take the bumps out of the process.

 Walter's Automotive will take any lease returned vehicle from any    Mercedes-Benz    Dealer. The process is easy and will help you by evaluating your  vehicles condition, provide you with a Mercedes-Benz Financial vehicle inspection  report, reviewing your balance to maturity and review payoff and an allowable lease  mileage.

Walter's Automotive team of Lease Specialists have extensive experience with Mercedes-Benz Financial and other lending institutions.  They will help you navigate through tough credit issues and financial hurdles if you choose to move into a new Mercedes-Benz. Even customers who may have remaining payments can find with Walter's Automotive's help a brand new Mercedes-Benz is never out of reach.

Some of the most often asked questions can be answered right over the phone with a 5 minute call.  These questions include.

  • How do I get started?
  • Where do I have to go?
  • Are there any hidden fees, and what is "Disposition"?
  • Am I over the mileage?
  • What's considered "Normal Wear and Tear"?
  • Can I sell my car to a friend instead of turning it in?
  • Can I trade this car in for a new Mercedes-Benz?
  • How do I buy my car?
  • Are there any manufacturer programs that can help me waive final payments?
  • How can Walter's help me get into a new vehicle beyond what the manufacturer offers?

At Walter's Automotive we help many customers every day with their lease returns and they are often surprised at how easy and at how many options they have.
Click here or call me at (888) 294-6772 to get started.
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